Starting Spring 2024, courses, with the exception of Placement Courses, will be moving to a student FREE model called Respondus LockDown Browser/Respondus Monitor.

Only placement courses will continue to use Honorlock

Placement courses that continue to use Honorlock will be given two pay options: 

  • Pay-Per-Course Option ($9.95*): This option covers the cost for ALL proctored assessments in your course. NOTE: This is the best value option if the course requires 2 or more proctored assessments. How many proctored assessments do I have? Contact your instructor or check the course content area of the syllabus.
  • Pay-Per-Exam Option ($4.45*): This option covers the cost for ONE proctored assessment in your course. 

*Students will be required to pay sales tax based on their physical address. 



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