You can limit the background noise in your environment using Zoom's background noise suppression settings. The high suppression feature gives you distraction-free audio for important meetings and presentations so you can sound your best. 

NOTE: To ensure this setting is available, please make sure you are on the most current version of Zoom. Click Upgrade/Update to learn more.


  1. Click the arrow to the right of the Camera icon (bottom left of the meeting).

  2. Click Video Settings.

  3. A pop up window of Zoom settings will appear, click on Audio from left side settings menu.

  4. Change the Suppress background noise as needed.

  5. Auto: This is the default setting, and will apply moderate background noise reduction when needed. It will auto adjust the aggressiveness for blocking background noise based on what it detects in the background. If music is detected, it will not treat the music as background noise.

  6. Low: Noise reduction will be minimal, and will not block most background noise. It will block small noises like occasional wind, but not persistent background noise.

    : This setting is best for music, as it will preserve as much of the original sound as possible.

  7. Medium: Best for reducing and eliminating background noise in standard environments, including fans, pen tapping, etc.

  8. High: Noise reduction will be at its most aggressive, and eliminate noise such as crunching of paper or wrappers, keyboard typing, etc. 

    : Enabling this option may increase CPU utilization.

  9. Once you adjust the noise suppression settings, click the in the top right corner to close the box. Your preference will be saved.

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