Security within your Zoom Meetings is very important. This video will review the options that you have available through Zoom. The section below the video reviews each of the security options within your meeting.  

Security Options:

  • Lock Meeting: This will prevent anyone new from entering your meeting once enabled. Note: If a student has a technical issues and needs to leave the meeting, they will not be able to return to the meeting if it is locked. You can unlock the meeting at any time during the meeting. 
  • Enable Waiting Room: This will require the host to admit the students into a meeting but will prevent any unwanted guests from entering.  This is highly recommended
  • Allow participants to:
    • Share Screen: Share computer screen during the meeting. By default this is on.
    • Chat : Send messages to each other and to the whole group. By default this is on.
    • Rename the themselves: Change the name that they entered the meeting with. By default this is on.
    • Unmute themselves: If you remove this checkmark, students will not be able to take themselves off mute. By default this is on.
    • Start Video: You can remove the ability for students to have video if you uncheck this. By default this is on.
  • Suspend Participant Activities: After you click Suspend, participants will not be able to share their webcam, use their microphone, chat, share their screen, or annotate. Additionally, the meeting recording with stop, the breakout rooms will be stopped, and your meeting will be locked so nobody else can join.
  • Remove Participant: If you have a student that is disruptive in your meeting, you can remove the student without allowing re-entry. 

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