Adding a Virtual Background or Video Filter can enhance the virtual learning experience. Using a Virtual Background conceals the environment behind you when conducting a Zoom meeting. SPC has preloaded several Virtual Backgrounds for faculty to use. This guide reviews enabling a virtual background in your Zoom meeting.

IMPORTANT: Virtual Backgrounds and filters require more internet bandwidth and processing power than normal video. You may need to turn off a Virtual Background if your connection becomes unstable.
If you don't see these options in your Zoom settings you will need to update your Zoom account. To update your account, visit and enter your SPC credentials.


  1. Once in a meeting, click on the arrow next to stop video (Be sure to have your video on)

  2. You will have two options, virtual background, and video filter.

  3. Virtual Background- This allows you to change your background. You will have some pre-loaded SPC backgrounds. (Note: Lighting can be a factor on how well your virtual background displays.)

    • Click Choose Virtual Background.

    • Select Background.

  4. Video Filter - Filters allow you to change the coloring, black and white, etc.  In addition, you can add fun sunglasses, hats, etc.

    • Click Choose Video Filter

    • Select Filter

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