Faculty can request to merge two or more of the same course's sections they are teaching in the same term. This can make course management easier, but certain requirements must be met in order for multiple sections to be merged.

Read First Before Requesting a Merge

The purpose of the merge process is to combine 2 or more individual sections within MyCourses. This can often make it easier to manage as all students are combined into one section. There are things to consider before requesting a merge:

  • Merge requests take at least 24 hours and up to 48 hours to complete.

  • Merge requests cannot be submitted after the Wednesday before the course start date.

  • Any existing content in the individual sections will be deleted. The merge process creates a completely new, blank shell for your students. If you have existing content, please contact the MyCourses4Faculty team at mycourses4faculty@spcollege.edu BEFORE submitting the merge request. We will work with you on a solution.

  • Merges cannot be completed once a course has opened for students due to the potential loss of student data.

  • Merges are only available for those teaching online sections. For additional information on this, please contact the MyCourses4Faculty team at mycourses4faculty@spcollege.edu or call 727-341-3500.

  • Different modalities can't be merged. For example, an Online course can't be merged with a Live Online course.

  • Courses with different start and end dates can't be merged.

Merge Request Form:

To request a course merge, faculty are asked to complete the Merge Request Survey (linked below). Once you have submitted it, the MyCourses Support Team will review your request.

Link to Merge Course Form

Questions? Contact the MyCourses Support Team by email at  MyCourses4Faculty@spcollege.edu 
or by phone at 727-341-3500 (Hours: Mon.- Fri. 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. EST).

For after-hours or weekend assistance, contact the SPC Helpdesk at 727-791-2795 or onlinehelp@spcollege.edu 

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